Chez Boubier, Cafe de Paris


Chez Boubier Restaurant „Cafe de Paris“, Geneve


This is not just another steakhouse in Geneva. It’s so much more. This is the place where Mr Boubier invented the „Cafe de Paris“ – butter in 1930. The recipe is still a secret. There are a lot of different kinds of Cafe de Paris sauces out there on the market. But there is only one original.



The restaurant is located in the heart of Geneva. Ordering the menu is very easy. There is only one. Salad as a starter, the main course is Entrecote with fries. For Drinks and the dessert you have a list. So, you only have to choose how you like your meat cooked.

We loved our meal. The Entrecote and the sauce were fantastic. The dessert and the wine as well. The service was perfect, not to much and to less. The restaurant gives you the impression that you made a little trip 50 years back in time.



So, if you are in Geneva and you like to eat a good steak with something special, this is the place to go. Enjoy!

Author: burkilla

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